Love Poem (for Steph and Niall)

Cliché is easy when writing about love.

Describing fairytale endings, pure white doves.

Or a knight in shining armour

Come to whisk you away

To fill you with happiness

Every sun-filled shiny day.

But love isn’t perfection, an unblemished thing

a continuity of bliss symbolised by a ring.

It can be going to bed angry, disregarding advice

Snapping and nagging and not being very nice.

Then saying “I’m sorry, can we start anew?”

And forgiving each other, pushing on through.

It’s that comfortable feeling from really knowing someone

Utterly and completely, inside out, right and wrong

It’s putting up with in-laws

And things encroaching in your “space”

Forgiving the “lads’ nights out”

When he comes home off his face.

It’s knowing his insecurities and forgiving the things that annoy

Like forgetting anniversaries or simply “being a boy”.

It’s lending a jacket and holding a hand

Thinking of the other when making future plans

It’s waking up warm and not feeling alone

Looking forward each evening to heading back home

It’s knowing whatever happens

Through the good times and the rough

You will always have each other

And you will always know love.